When we went
February 2019, For Beth ( Bestie) Birthday! / Valentine's
Where we stayed
Travelodge Princes street
What we did: TOP 15
1. Ghost bus
 The only "comedy-horror theatre experience on wheels", in the uk. I would say that sums it up! It was a good giggle, and informative too as it took around all the top haunted sights.
2. Devils advocate
We asked the bartender to suggest a good local whiskey and whatever he gave us was delicious!
3. Pumpkin brown brekkie
Vegan café and we both had the smoothie bowl , mmmmm
4. Vennel
 A cute little passage for a little photo stop!
5. Victoria street
 Gorgeous street rumoured to be inspiration for Diagon Alley!
6. Elephant house
 Great views of castle and tasty cake!
7. National museums
 I only wish we planned an entire day here because there was sooo much to see! AND totally free
8. Camera obscura & world of illusions
We arrived in the dark so had missed the camera obscura show, however we got discounted tickets to just go to world of illusions which was a good giggle!
9. yeni mezze bar 
10. Dean village
This little hidden gem makes you feel like you’re somewhere else in Europe entirely!
11. Royal botanical gardens
12. Circus lane
 Another very cute quiet spot for a mini photoshoot! 
13. Sunset at Carlton hill
14. Holy cow, vegan burgers!!
15. Whiski rooms
. Once again we left our order in the hands of the bar tenders suggestions and once again we were impressed!
My awesome travel buddy Beth wrote a better blog than this one: https://bethnashdesign.com/journal/edinburgh
She also took the nicer photos in the post. She’s basically great at everything <3
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